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Hi! I am Kanishk Kunal

Kanishk Kunal

I am a Software Engineer, who loves to design, code and blog. I am co-founder of KunRuch Creations.
You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn & GitHub

What I Do

Publish Apps

I publish apps for Windows Store and Android. These apps have been downloaded and loved by more than 3 million users worldwide.

Website Themes and Templates

I love doing Web Development and have released many free WordPress themes and Website templates. You can find them on TemplateFlip.

Open Source Projects

I have written a few open source projects such as MMCSS and MMPilot (which are also used to build this site). You can find other open source projects on KunRuch Creations website.


Apart from my personal blog, I blog mostly at SuperDevResources. I adminsiter couple other blogs and websites such as TemplateFlip and GraphicFlip (my better half's blog).

Latest Posts

Announcing new Open Source Projects - SDR Tools and SDR News

In my earlier post, I wrote about two new open source projects that I started in 2016, namely: MMCSS - CSS Framework & MMpilot - Static Site Builder. However, those two were not the only projects I open sourced, there are two more projects that I sta...

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A New Minimal Look and Static Site

Although I havn't posted in a while on my personal site, I do try to keep it up to date with my latest projects and work. This year, you will notice a new minimal look for the site as well as a move from WordPress to a statically built site. In 2016, ...

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Effects of being featured in Red Stripe deals on Windows Phone

A few weeks ago, one of my most popular app MyTextTwister Pro was selected to be featured in Red Stripe deal on Windows Phone. The deal ran from 23rd – January 29th, 2014 and offered a 50% discount on its regular price of $1.99 Below you can read more ab...

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All my sites now running self-made themes

As you may already know, I started developing WordPress themes about a month back and released my first theme called Fastr for free download. However, calling myself a theme developer, while having my own sites using themes developed by others, seemed a b...

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Fastr – a simple, elegant & fast WordPress theme

I use WordPress on many of my sites and love its flexibility and extensibility. A new blogging platform called Ghost came into existence lately. But WordPress remains my first choice mostly because WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. However,...

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2 million downloads on Windows Phone..

What does a developer ask from Santa on Christmas? A new gadget and all would be cool but how about a million downloads of the apps he made? Well, this year it was double the Christmas presents for me when downloads of my apps on Windows Phone reached 2 m...

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