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All my sites now running self-made themes

As you may already know, I started developing WordPress themes about a month back and released my first theme called Fastr for free download. However, calling myself a theme developer, while having my own sites using themes developed by others, seemed a bit awkward to me. Therefore, I dedicated last few weeks to update all my sites with self-made themes.

The result is a few new WordPress themes which you can find on TemplateFlip.

Out of these themes Minimal Modern WordPress themes is being used in the following sites:

I have used Underscores as well as Beans theme framework to build these themes and focused on following aspects while developing it:

  • Simplicity & Readablity
  • Minimalism
  • Speed
  • Responsiveness

Your feedback is always welcome!

Update: I have moved most of my other sites (including this one) to static site built with MMPilot. MMPilot is a open-source static site generator I have written and maintain in my free time.

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