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During 2011-15, I built and published apps for Windows Phone Store with the publisher name KunRuch Creations. These apps saw tremendous success and were downloaded and loved by more than 3 million users worldwide. Lately, I shifted focus to Android, due to its higher market share worldwide, and we are slowly gaining traction there.

Website Themes and Templates

I like designing and developing my own websites which have led to the creation of multiple WordPress Themes and Website Templates. I release these templates and themes on TemplateFlip website from time to time.

Open Source Projects

I have written a few open source projects such as MMCSS (a CSS framework) and MMPilot (a static site builder). You can find more open source projects that I contribute to, on KunRuch Creations website.


I started blogging as a hobby and as a necessity to market my apps. But it slowly turned into my passion and led me to launch not one but four commercial blogs in different niches over the course of time.

These blogs run on WordPress platforms and are monetized in various ways such as AdSense, Affiliates, Direct Advertising and Sponsored posts. I, along with my spouse, play the role of editor and content planners for these sites. We normally hire freelance writers to write content on our ideas. However, I do blog from time to time and contribute articles to SDR as author.

About Me

I love to conceptualize new ideas and to design and code them to reality, which is why you will find a multitude of projects and websites listed on this page. Kindly note that I am not a freelancer and hence don't undertake job offers from clients.

I believe in the following saying:

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs

dreams quote Source: GraphicFlip